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About TFO

The Flirble Organisation was established in 1997 for one particular purpose: To provide a home for things we thought were cool or worthwhile and might otherwise go homeless.

In that aim, TFO has been quite successful. We don't take any credit for the success of those we foster, but some of them have won awards for their worthiness or their coolness, and we're glad and quite proud to have been able to help.

TFO is a bunch of people who put in many personal hours and much cash to keep it going. We don't do this to make money. We do this because some things are too useful or fun to be rendered unavailable simply because somebody didn't have the resource to do so themselves.

So make use of what we have. If you find some of it useful, or fun, or worthwhile -; great. We have achieved what we intended. If not, nobody is forcing you to stay here.

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